Project Life Series: Inspiration and community

TIME TO BE INSPIRED! If you have never heard of Project Life, I will forgive you. It's really just blossoming at the moment as the product and style has finally made its way over from the US to the rest of the world! I found out about Project Life last year via Instagram while trying to hunt down cute stationery. If you search the #ProjectLife tag you will find hundreds of people sharing their memories and creative passion for scrap booking. Look a little further, and you will find brands are now creating products specifically for pocket scrap-booking, with many of them offering subscription services to provide you with monthly themes for your pages.

A selection of my Digital Project Life pages which I use for Weekly Reflections!

I'll look a little further into the supplies available for pocket scrap-booking later in the series but for the purpose of this post I think the following is important:

The set-up price for Project Life isn't cheap. In the UK you'll be laying out about £60 for an album, a set of page protectors and a starter pack of journalling cards from the range - that's without any kind of embellishment, which I find is the best way to start. So, I think it's more than fair to want a bit of insight into what you can do before you take the plunge!

As the first post in this series, I wanted to share with you the people and sites that persuaded me to give Project Life a go - and they are also the people whose style of scrapping I still aspire to achieve myself! (I have a feeling I may need a few more cupboards full of craft materials to get there though!)

Below is a small list of my favourite Project Life bloggers and Instagrammers - I really recommend taking a peek at what they do! I've also listed a couple of great Project Life communities and Pinterest Boards to browse.





Studio Calico
Gossamer Blue


Jessy Christopher
 The Geeky Burrow

Are you feeling inspired?! Next time I'll be taking a look at Project Life Supplies.

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Weekly Reflection #73

Hi everyone! This week has been a week of exciting things: eclipses, Instagram meets and new favourite things!

First up, my Kawaii Box arrived and I'm feeling a little sad because I only have one box left to receive. I have decided to end my subscription to free up some money to try a new subscription (I'm thinking Messy Box?). I have loved receiving Kawaii Boxes every month and if you want a monthly dose of cuteness I cannot recommend this company highly enough!

Another thing I treated myself to this week was this Noodle top from Zara. I spied it in the window on a lunchtime wander and just had to go back and buy it! I think it's over taken my blanket scarf as my favourite thing in my wardrobe!

This weekend saw a lot of events happening aroudn the world for the World Wide Instagram Meet. Jess (@porthjess) and Josh (@shadowcatch) organised a photowalk around Clifton for Bristol-based Instagrammers and I went along to take part. It was a really fun afternoon and the weather was perfect! I met some wonderful people who I hope I will stay in touch with and see again next time. I was so nice to be inspired by other photographers in the city!

Lastly, it was kind of hard to miss this one - The Solar Eclipse! It was quite cloudy in Bristol on the eclipse morning but the sky cleared just enough to get a view. I remember watching though a home-made cereal box contraption when I was 10, and this time I borrowed a pair of special glasses from a colleague to get a glimpse. I loved the eerie light and how everyone looked up together.

I hope you all had a great week too!

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Project Life Series: Introduction

HELLO! Welcome to my brand new series; The Project Life Series.

If you follow me on Instagram (@mabismab, btw!) you will know that last year I started scrap-booking using the Becky Higgins Project Life system: a pocket-based layout system into which you can insert journalling cards, photos, postcards and other memories in a simple, fuss-free page.

I have never been a scrap-booker before. I tried quite a few times to get into scrapping with things like Smash Books and other paper-based systems and it just didn't stick. I'm not one for arty layers and textures and thickly glued sheets. My style is more clean lines, white space and grid-friendly. That's why when I picked up Project Life, I didn't look back. A year later, I am on my second album and have found so much inspiration and community around Project Life, I don't think I'll ever leave it!

As Project Life is still relatively new in the UK (we would certainly struggle to obtain any of the new product releases over here if it wasn't for some key importers - more on them later in the series!) I thought I would start a small series about Project Life, and how I use it, to inspire others to take it up who may think scrap-booking isn't for them.

As discussed before, I am personally making conscious efforts to do things "offline" and I really think preserving memories and using the things we create digitally, physically is very important!

Over the next few months, I will release posts on the following things. If there is anything else you would like to know about just let me know, and I hope you enjoy the series!

Project Life Series: Inspiration and community
Project Life Series: Photo editing
Project Life Series: Photo printing
Project Life Series: Supplies
Project Life Series: Tools
Project Life Series: My Project Life

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Mind Games by Teri Terry - review

Title: Mind Games
Author: Teri Terry
Publisher: Hachette
Source: ARC from Netgalley
Available: 5 March 2015
Buy it:  Here


Luna is a Refuser - she doesn't have a Pareco Virtual Reality implant, and she doesn't access virtual worlds via plug-in points either. Ever since the death of her mother, Luna has turned her back on technology and instead cared more for real things, especially her nanna who is often "away with the fairies". So why does she receive an appointment for a prestigious Pareco Test? And how will she keep the real reason she's a Refuser to herself, when everyone will expect her to plug in?


I'll get something out of the way very quickly; this book has more than an echo of Divergent about it - BUT - honestly, you will forgive it for that. While the plot is very reminicent, the characters, their motivations and the world Teri creates are very, very different. Mind Games stands on its own two feet, and can hold its head high.

I enjoyed Mind Games immensely. I instantly liked Luna, and was eager to follow her through the path laid out in front of her - real or otherwise! The virtual reality worlds came across really well and the set-up of the sci-fi parts of the plot were easy to follow and imagine.

What I liked most about Mind Games was the sort-of-split half way, which allowed the reader to go back and see things - characters, places and choices - again through a different, more naive point of view. I found myself calling out "NO!" to the page when Luna made a choice in the second half that only the reader knew was a bad one! ha!

Unfortunately I found the ending to be a little messy after such a taught storyline leading up to it. It all passed by very quickly in a whirlwind of real and unreal realities. I might go back and re-read the end a bit slower, as perhaps my eagerness to know how it ended impacted the finale.

Mind Games is hugely fun and fast paced. I think it got a bit lost in its own ending, which had me leaving the book a little confused, but overall I would highly recommend this book to fans of tech-fuelled dystopia.



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Weekly Reflection #72

This week there have been a lot of celebrations! Here's what I got up to:


This week brought with it my brother's birthday, my boyfriend's birthday and Mother's Day - which meant I got to put lots of my favourite stationery to good use! I LOVE the birthday card I bought my boyfriend - who is a big Bulbasaur fan! - you can buy it on Etsy here, along with other cute Nintendo inspired pieces.

(My alpaca, Hugo, is also modelling my new sticker box - nice, isn't it?!)

I made a huge chocolate cake which was promptly devoured. I'm not the best baker in the world, I think "unpredictable" is the best way to describe my "skills" in the kitchen(!) and unfortunately the cake was a little dry. I sorted that with plenty of chocolate buttercream though! ha

Finally this week, I took delivery of some new Project life supplies in the form of Shimelle page overlays - and I LOVE THEM. However, there's only two in a pack which is a bit disappointing :( I am going to be starting a new series around Project Life this month - so keep your eyes peeled for new posts!

Hope everyone had a great week :)

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