A walk around Bristol: Montpelier, Stokes Croft and Kingsdown

I've been taking some time out recently to explore the city, and be a tourist in my own town. Instagram meet-ups arranged by @igersbristol have been great in helping me see places I never knew about!  I thought I would share with you some of my photos from my latest exploration around Stokes Croft, Montpelier and Kingsdown.

I'll be back next time with my walk around Clifton, and July will bring another set of photos from an @igersbristol meet-up at Upfest street art festival!

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Weekly Reflection: Outlaw Craft Show

This May bank holiday weekend saw the Outlaw Craft Show take place at the Passenger Shed in Bristol. The event was the first time that the show had taken place outside of Cornwall and brought with it a host of wonderful makers from across the South West. There were plenty of opportunities to get involved with makers in residence, workshops and "make and take" sessions too! Here is my photo diary from the day :)

There was so much to see and do at Outlaw and I got to chat with some really lovely makers. Coming from Cornwall, the event introduced me to a whole host of new makers from the local area.

My friend and I made two sweeps of the event; one to browse and chat and then another to make purchases after deliberating over tea and cake (I had a chocolate guinness cake which was amazing!) I think that was a perfect way to do things. With plenty of space and a perfect number of stalls to offer huge variety in goods without being overwhelming - we were in our handmade element! The size of the event also meant that my budget only had to make one sacrifice from my wishlist; a gorgeous acrylic bunny pendant from Sstutter - but I plan on making that up soon!

Here are my purchases from the day, and links to some of the amazing shops exhibiting at Outlaw:

"Holy Shiitake!" and "Adopt a Rock" postcard collections and earrings from Baku Forest (This is fast becoming one of my favourite local Etsy pages!)
Beach Huts mug from Julia Davey 
Postcards, vinyl stickers and badges from Ladybird Likes
Bee print from Boodle Boutique
Glitter feather necklace from Thimbleson
Sea dog greetings card from Watermark Designs

Other makers I will be shopping with in future:

SStutter - amazing acrylic jewellery
Itinerant Bizarrium - Highly detailed gothic painted dolls
Lauren Aston - Gorgeously chunky knitted homeware
Paper Hare - Whimsical illustration

Overall, Outlaw was a brilliant event, and I hope I'll get to visit again!

Did you go to Outlaw in Bristol? What did you think?!

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National Stationery Week 2015 - My Style

To celebrate National Stationery Week in the UK, I thought I would share my stationery style with you! I have stationery "personalities" that I switch between, and each one inspires a certain part of me. I think I'll always be a kawaii girl at heart, though!

Pens - fun

I write in colour as much as I can, and Stabilo fineliners and Pilot Frixion pens are always my favourite pens to write with. I have a huge stock of novelty/kawaii pens and pencils which always put me in a good mood to start creating :)

Notebooks - Indexed

I am a notebook hoarder(!) I just can't resist a pretty book of paper :) Each notebook has its own purpose. I can't mix recipes in with meeting notes, can I?!

Work wear - Organised

Organisation is key for me! I adore my Filofax and Kikki K planners. I use personal sizes on the go, and A5 at home where I add in more detail and specifics. I also LOVE Pilot Frixion pens for work, as they are erasable. (Perfect for constantly changing schedules!)

Journalling - Indecisive

I have two journalling styles; Project Life for visual memories, and a good old journal for brain melts! I can't say whether I suit one style more than the other, though I find I do Project Life journalling more often!

#Happymail - Bright

Colourful, washi-infused post is my letter-writing style of choice! If I think the recipient will smile at something, I make it happen! I've loved being part of #PostCircle and alays look forward to sitting down to write :)

What's your stationery style?!

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Project Life Series: Supplies Part 1 - stores

Project Life-ers in the UK are currently quite poorly catered for when it comes to finding journalling cards. I've tried every craft/paper/art shop in my city and my only offline buying options are the standard "core kits" from the Project Life range in Hobbycraft. Luckily, there are wonderful online shops that import all of the pretty special editions, collaborations and brands that do Project Life compatible sizes, for great prices too! So next time you see a new release that's a "Micheals Exclusive" and you don't have any American friends... don't fret! Here are some of my favourite supply spots. Not only do they carry the core ranges, but most of them also import loveliness from the US and have a host of tempting ephemera to add in to the shopping cart!:

Although Hobbycraft carry a very limited range of Project Life supplies, it is a great place to start. They have a online exclusive deal on a Project Life start-up set which includes an album, page protectors, journalling card and a Core Kit for £50. They also have a WHOLE SHOP full of things to add to spreads to prettify them! Glitter glues, chipboard shapes, stickers, pens...!

My go-to spot for new limited editions! The ladies at HLM are always on top of a new release and put so much work into hunting out coveted American goodies for us UK fans! They run some amazing deals too - my favourite is their scrapbook paper "lucky dip" packs, 20 sheets for £3.99!

Another great place for limited editions and designer collaborations. Craftie Charlie also operates on Amazon Marketplace which is handy when you *need* to add a scrapbook item to your DVD box set order ;) (shh!)

I have grabbed some amazing prices of Project Life supplies via the Amazon Marketplace. Purchases often take a little longer to arrive using Marketplace as a lot of them are based in America, but if you can wait I recommend these sellers in particular: BIC Warehouse, SupermarketUSA and American Crafts.


Of course, the beauty of Project Life is it's simplicity and flexibility. Armed with a pair of scissors/guillotine/punch you can easily make your own Project Life supplies! I often find discounted branded scrapbook paper in my local TK Maxx and I use my WRMK card punch to create my own cards! I have reviewed the punch in this review and if you would like more card-making inspiration why not try some of these ideas?

Magazines - I buy a Vogue every season and when I'm done reading, I punch out the pretty editorial photographs into beautiful 3x4 inserts. I have also previously used National Geographics and New Scientist magazines!

Postcards - Perfect for your 4x6 card slots! I often take a quick look in Paperchase when I pass. Their postcard designs are more design-led than tourist-y!

Wrapping paper - practically free if you have a celebration coming up! Great for themed spreads too, think Xmas, birthdays, parties etc.

Packaging - This probably qualifies me as a bit of a hoarder, but I won't throw a box away until I've scavenged it for pretty bits! I recently bought a phone case, and the back of the box it came in had a cute robot pattern. Only a little bit of that purchase was motivated by the box, I swear!

Next time in the Project Life Series, I will be exploring supply subscription services. See you there!

PREVIOUSLY: Project Life Inspiration and Community

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Weekly Reflection #76

It's balloon season in Bristol! Expect to be seeing a lot of floaty photos in the near future ;)

I'm kind of covering two weeks here, so this cupcake goes back to last weekend, when I went to see Clifton Rocks Railway with my friend Monique. We went on a tour of the old station and seeped ourselves in history, and then stopped by Tea Birds for tea and cake. This peanut butter cupcake was so good!

Unfortunately, things went a bit downhill for me from there. I have been struggling a bit with motivation and stress and I kind of let it get to me - which is why the blog was post free for a bit - sorry! This postcard (which I bought from Sky in Clifton) perfectly sums up how I spent most of the week. Not good really. However, after a new hair cut (channeling Motoko, for all the anime geeks out there!) I'm feeling refreshed. I'll be popping in a different colour too, so that I can feel completely new and leave all the crappiness of the past few days behind. Whatever works, eh?! It's too sunny to be stressed and grumpy.

On a hair-dye mission, I discovered that The Library Of Fragrance is now available in Boots! I've seen them online and wanted to try them for ages. I love Gin and Tonic and Cherry Blossom, and I will be going back for Marshmallow, Grass and Rain. I REALLY wanted to try Crayon and Paperback (they seem most suited to me, hey?!) but they aren't available in the Boots range yet - boo :(

Lastly, on my many internet browsings this week, I stumbled across these Swedish Hasbeens and discovered insta-love CAN be real haha. Look at the minty pearly cloggy beauty! I would love to own a pair, but anything £50 for sandals is really asking a lot... and these are more than double (eeek!) Oh well, I can admire from afar...

Hope you all have had a brilliant week!

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