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The Maze Runner

I got this book free when I pre-ordered The Hunger Games book 3. I didn't read up on it, nor did I think I would ever read it. There's a reason they're giving something away, right?!
Well, despite that thought, I did decide to give it a go. I can't say things really started well...
On the back page is this proud statement:

"Like the Hunger Games? Love this!"

Big words...

This is then followed by a page you should read (35, if you're interested) to incite your appetite in reading further.

It all sounded very authoritative, so I'm stood there thinking "yes, I DO like the Hunger Games... I guess I should flip to page 35 then," whereupon I came across the most cliched 4 paragraphs I think the book could muster. Something like: "And then he realised... He had been there before" closed a chapter. Shock horror! Queue the dramatic drumroll please!
I can't say the melodrama or mystery truly grabbed me at this point. I think it's the amusement that made me flick to page one and see it through 'til the bitter end, just to see if it could get any worse.

Of course, it did.

It's badly written.
(count the number of times "frustrated" and "his head was bursting with questions" are used in the first 4 chapters alone)

Character devices were thrown to the wind by convenient memory loss.

Monsters were ludacris even for monsters.
(just how many parts can one blob of jelly hold? how many times do the properties of these things change? from spiky wheels, to blubber, to gravity defying machine with possessed mechanical limbs, to not being able to see anyone, to being able to see invisible holes.... I could go on.)

Curse words went from slang euphemisms at the beginning to outright "holy crap"s towards the end.

And the all-so-mysterious plot outcome (which was obvious to anyone over the age of 13, thereby cutting out about 2/3rds of the YA target audience) was not a startling revelation, but more of a "FINALLY!" as you realise in 3 more dragged out, un-climatic chapters you could put the book down. (Or give it to a charity shop, as I have done.)

Horrifyingly, this is the first part of a trilogy. No real "bigger picture" answers were ever actually given - apart from allusions to an awful zombie-t-virus type thing involving solar flares.

To be quite honest. I couldn't care less.