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Books to find time for - Part 1

Hello - I thought I'd start a little series of posts recommending books that you may have missed the first time round the bookshop. I have been reading avidly long before I started writing this blog, so there are many books I would love to recommend that I won't necessarily get to review.

The books I feature will probably focus on books that don't get much hype (I'm thinking of hype along the lines of Harry Potter here...) and that I feel should get more recognition than they already get. Every body knows the name J.K Rowling, but do you know Anchee Min?

So, the first book I'd like to feature is: Empress Orchid by Anchee Min

What is it about?

Empress Orchid is the tale of China's last Empress. Based on the true story, the book focusses on Orchid as she enters the Forbidden City as one of the Emperor's 3000 concubines, fights the vicious female rivalry to become the Emperor's favourite and bears him a son: the Emperor's heir. All the while China is crumbling around her.

Why should you make time for it?

This book is a fascinating and emotional insight into one of the most guarded and intrigueing places in China, at a most volatile time. Though a place of great beauty and mystery, the Forbidden City shows itself to be a place of danger, corruption and devastating tradition. As you follow Orchid through her life as a concubine, you feel her longing, her pain and her desperation to honour her family. I also found the Chinese history to be well presented and not overly complicated, and although politics plays a huge part in the story I didn't find the information to be heavy going.

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memoirs, historical fiction, chinese history, royalty, secret lives

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Where can you get it?

You can get Empress Orchid at Amazon and also as a Kindle Edition

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