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E-Readers for Xmas

It's that time of year again. And what do you get the unsocial being who sits in the corner reading A Christmas Carol instead of playing the 5th round of Charades?... An e-reader! (Or so I'm lead to believe, having spent last Xmas clutching my own like a long lost teddy bear.)

Self depreciation aside though, if you are looking to buy a thoughtful, book-themed gift for someone you love/want to keep quiet for a month or so, you could do worse than Digital Book Heaven in their hands. Despite this, you could be met with some resistance to your great gift suggestion. For example:

"I like PAGES"
"I'll miss the SMELL of books"
"I cant read it in the bath"
"It just FEELS different"

To help you out, I would like to offer you the answer to all of the above and more. Here it is:

"Books are NOT vanishing."

E-reader-phobes seem to have this amazing concept of never being able to pick up a physical book again once they own an e-reader. I don't know, maybe a Kindle replaces an arm or something (in which case, they've been reading too much Sci-Fi/Steampunk and could probably do with some good ol' classics obtained FOR FREE via the interweb anyway.)

An e-reader does feel different, I'll give the 'phobes that. But I'll be honest, reading two tonnes of "World Without End" not so long ago had me rueing the fact I had borrowed it from a friend and not downloaded it. Hear this, World - "e-readers save your hand a lot of cramp for the epics!"

As for the smell thing... seriously, just get over it. If you want to sniff a centuries old sneeze off a book, go down to your local library and help stop them from all but disappearing.

An e-reader, whether it be Kindle, Kobo, Sony... whatever, simply offers you options!

It can make your reading experience better than a book when the paper-version is either a) heavy as a brick b) only out in hardback c) published in mini-font .1000 or d) printed on tissue paper and you want to make notes.
It offers the option to download samples which I LOVE. No suspicious looks any more from shelf-faffers as I read the first chapter in the middle of Waterstones = "thank you e-reader, you flippin' genius".
And last but not least - when you finish Part 1 of an amazing series in the middle of your snow-soaked White Christmas, and it ends on an unbearable cliff hanger and the shops are shut, you no longer need to make everyone else's Christmas a Humbug. You can just hit download on Part 2.

Happy Christmas? Yes, I thought so too!

Happy e-reading everyone!

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