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Happy New Year everyone! I've spent the past week or so enjoying a rare moment of doing absolutely nothing I have to - bliss! But now I'm at the "beginning" again. January has arrived and I find myself facing resolutions and promises of a "bigger" and "better" year. London hosts the Olympics in 2012 (don't know if you've heard? *sigh*) so my firm resolution is this: to never, NEVER mention it again. As much for my own sanity as for yours. I don't know about you, but I'll be kind of glad when its over, and British Gas can stop pretending they're environmentally friendly while lighting an athletics track with the tears of polar bears.

However, there are a good amount of things I am looking forward to in 2012. I thought I would post a little list here as most are book related:

1. The Hunger Games Movie
2. The Woman in Black Movie
3. Kindle Fire
4. The Watcher in the Shadows (new Carlos Ruiz Zafon translation)
5. Michael Fassbender on screen a lot more
6. Audiobooks
7. Reviewing more books
8. Discovering as many reading "apps" as possible that are genuinely useful

Also, I am setting myself a reading target of 50 books for 2012. I tried this on last year but didnt realise the site doesn't automatically take a "finished it" date when you rate a title (come on guys!) so, of course, I lost count. Diddums.
This blog's a better place to keep track anyways!

All the best for the coming year! x

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