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Literary guilty pleasures

It's not right that some people feel judged by what they read, but whether or not it's right doesn't stop it from happening. I personally try not to judge anyone on what they choose to read, I'm just happy enough someone has chosen the written word over Friends re-runs. But if we didn't judge just a little bit, we wouldn't have guilty pleasures in things - and I actually quite like having them. They're like a little secret to share, letting someone into your circle. They're something to giggle about and, when you find you share a guilty pleasure with someone, it's great! Suddenly a whole world of conversation opens up to you and yes, it's geeky, but hey - who cares?!

I thought I would share with you my own guilty pleasures when it comes to books. They are a mixture of comfort reading, familiarity, fun and memories. Some of them are things I read when I first started reading, and I still re-read today. Books stay with you and they relate to you. In a weird way, you dont choose the book, "it chooses you" *oooaaaahhhhhh < scary tension wail*. Going into a library is a bit like walking into Ollivander's Wand Shop (oh dear, I've started already!) So, if you feel brave enough, leave your own literary guilty pleasures in the comments section. You never know, you may find you're not alone!

So here it is: My list of book-formed guilty pleasures.

Goosebumps: Choose your own scare

Actually, I like all Goosebumps books and very many "choose your own ending" type things when I'm thinking of ways to spend an hour and the weather's miserable (ie. all the flippin' time!) I read Goosebumps religiously at school, and my mum would take me to the local second hand/warehouse book sale every weekend to scour the boxes for my own copies. My favourites were probably the Night of the Living Dummy series and Say Cheese and Die! (which has haunted my photography forays ever since... :D) I read them so often the pages have long since fallen out. And I still have them.

The Choose your own Scare spin-off series was great for car journeys. "How can I read the same book 5 times over and have it different every time?" THIS WAY!
R L Stine... bloomin' genious.

Lady Daisy, The Sheep-Pig. The Queen's Nose... ok, Dick King Smith in general!

Dick King Smith not only had the world's most amusing name when I was a kid, but his stories were like my imagination realised by someone who could actually make it coherant. Lady Daisy was my all-time favourite book between the ages of 6 and 11. I loaned it out from my school's library so often they actually gave it to me in the end. Curiously, it's another book about a living doll...
I honestly think DKS could rival Roald Dahl in a hypothetical face-off. *Thinks about it...*

Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels

The best thing about these books was that the characters spoke in the exact same way as they did on the TV show. It never ceased to amaze me: Pauses, "likes", long-winded sarcasms no-one would ever have time for in an unscripted coversation... everything!
It also helped that I was the geekiest Buffy fan I could be. I literally loved the show, so of course, I had to have all the books. I still read them for nostalgia, but I can't finish one these days. The conversations are just too annoying! However, they do have decent vampires (discounting Angel) and Spike never got a dumb chip.

The Bridges of Madison County

Why's it a guilty pleasure? Because it's romance. I don't really "do" romance novels, but this one is amazing. It's the first book to ever have made me cry (also adding to it's guilty-ness) and the guy's a photographer, come on! Another way it attributes itself to the guilty list is the way in which the film adaptation featured the hip'n'happening Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep in the leading roles. And it was just as brilliant. And tear-jerking. Oh god, I'm gushing. Damn romance... 

Fear Street/Point Horror: The Bad Girl

R L Stine again - he probably deserves his own post. The Point Horror and Fear Street ranges were fab. A step up from Goosebumps which was, and still is, "fun", Point Horror and Fear Street got that little bit darker. And a little bit messed up/ The Bad Girl steps into zombie/genetic modification/second life territory and is probably the one I've read most, and still continue to read.

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