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Wonderful books with their equally wonderful covers

Here's a list of books that you should definitely judge by the cover. As a photographer and designer myself, I'm very interested in book cover design, and I find it equally interesting watching the way book designs trend. Lately we've seen monochrome, vintage paper/faded photos and typographic text-only front covers adorning bookshelves... but do you remember when patterns, illustrations and metallics were popular? This list is a very subjective (to me) list of my favourite book covers.

I look forward to seeing how the "front" of a book changes with e-publishing. Will a book even require a cover? Do e-books even have a front?! Or will it simply change its purpose, as it will no longer need to "catch your eye" in a plethora of identically shaped spines. Perhaps a front cover of an ebook will evolve into a social platform of rotating images submitted by fans of the title? (If anyone steals that, I'm claiming!) Let's wait and see...

The Mistborn

There are lots of editions of these books by Brian Sanderson, and all the covers are spectacular. However, the illustration on the second of these images is so amazingly detailed, and the way a small piece of typography on the first one makes such a difference is great:

The Book Thief

The first book I saw that took the "burnt, vintage paper" look, and I still think it's the best. The simplicity is beautiful.

His Dark Materials (adult editions)

Just for one second look at these illustrations. If you have read the books, you must agree they match perfectly. Not to mention it's one of the editions clinging resolutely to "Northern Lights". I'm annoyed this set isn't the one I own.

The Hobbit

This cover is a favourite from childhood. I loved it because to me, Tolkien was synonymous with maps. Hand-drawn, inky maps. This cover epitomised it.


I haven't even read this book but the cover makes me want to! (and the title... meh)

So, what covers would make your list? I don't claim to have seen every beautiful cover invented, so please share!

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