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My Favourite Book - The Rum Diary suggested by Martin Rio Sixto

Welcome to MabisMab's new series: My Favourite Book, in which you are invited to share your favourite read and tell us why you love it so much! If you would like to be featured, please fill out this form.

First up to share their favourite book is Martin Rio Sixto, a User Interface Designer and Developer with a strong interest in hedonistic tales of care-free living:

What is your favourite book?

The Rum Diary by Hunter S Thompson

What is it about?

It's about "the idle tension that builds up in places where men sweat twenty-four hours a day... reaching a violent breaking point." and so, so, so much more in between.

Why is this book your favourite?

It touches me in deep, disturbing (yet oddly pleasant) ways. I've read it countless times and it hasnt got old. It's my go-to book if i ever need to ground myself / exercise my daemons / need some words of wisdom.

How did you discover your favourite book?

After reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (a right of passage for any young man), [I was] browsing this amazing Oxfam book shop in Headingly, Leeds for other Hunter S's.

How has your favourite book impacted you, if at all?

Each time I read it, there's something new in it. Each time I read it, I align myself to a different character. Hunter S had that magical ability to depict something of himself, and identify something of everyone else, in each of his characters - AND tie it together with a story that can teach you a lot about yourself and the world around you. The guy was a prophet.

Here's your chance to encourage others to read your favourite book!

Mab, if I haven't won you round by now, I just don't know... [he said despairingly]

Thanks, Martin! I have been converted, in fact - I enjoyed The Rum Diary immensely! 

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