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My Favourite Book - Towards Zero suggested by MariaTeresa Quinlan

Welcome to the second installment of MabisMab's new series: My Favourite Book, in which you are invited to share your favourite read and tell us why you love it so much! If you would like to be featured, please fill out this form.

Next to share their favourite book is MariaTeresa Quinlan, a lover of classic murder plots, mystery and intrigue:

What is your favourite book?

Towards Zero by Agatha Christie

What is it about?

The books centres around the main character Lady Tressilian hosting a house party who then subsequently is murdered and the hunt is on for the killer who attended the party.

Why is this book your favourite?

I have read many Agatha Christie books but this one set itself apart from others in her series. There were so many twists and turns I was always in suspense and couldn't put the book away. The magic in the writing grips me and I'm fully submersed in the book wondering what is going to happen next. A great escapism novel.

How did you discover your favourite book?

Browsing through books in a charity shop.

How has your favourite book impacted you, if at all?

It has further deepened my love of Agatha Christie novels. I feel this book is one of her best and even more so because it's great that the murder is solved in this story!

Here's your chance to encourage others to read your favourite book!

Reading Towards Zero will leave you not disappointed. It will take you on a journey, exploring the mind of a jealous psychopathic killer, and leave you wanting more.

Thanks MariaTeresa! It's always good to remind people of a true classic, and Agatha Christie is no exception.

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