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My Favourite book - Fear of Flying suggested by Dominika Karpowicz

Welcome to the fourth installment of MabisMab's new series: My Favourite Book, in which you are invited to share your favourite read and tell us why you love it so much! If you would like to be featured, please fill out this form.

Next to share their favourite book is Dominika Karpowicz, a multi-talented marketeer, photographer and blogger (oh, and secret feminist!):

What is your favourite book?

Fear Of Flying by Erica Jong
What is it about?

Written in 1973, against the backdrop of second-wave feminism, this book became highly controversial at the time because of the protagonist Isadora Wing's accounts of her sexual encounters and attitudes towards female sexuality.

Why is this book your favourite?

I wouldn't exactly call myself a feminist, but as soon as I started reading I felt I could instantly relate to the narrator's thoughts and feelings, not necessarily on sexual issues but more on relationship issues - as if they were almost universal for women. This was hugely refreshing and made me want to read on! The narrator's sarcastic, conversational tone and comical descriptions also made the read more enjoyable, as if I was reading a friend's diary.

How did you discover your favourite book?

I actually discovered the book in a cute bookshop in South Kensington - I was intrigued by the cover and liked the feel of it. It also rang a bell as my mum had recommended it to me a few months before.

How has your favourite book impacted you, if at all?

It made me realise I was not alone in the way I thought about life experiences and relationships. I was also going through a difficult period in my life at the time and it helped me regain my confidence and sense of self again.

Here's your chance to encourage others to read your favourite book!

For a brutally honest yet accurate and witty insight into a woman's mind, read this book! Women - you will come away inspired, men - you will think twice about whether what we say reflects what we think ;)

Thanks Dominika! I think this is definitly going on my "to read" pile. I love it when a character speak to you from the pages as if they know you!

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  1. I also love 'Fear of Flying', one of my favourite books from the 1970s. Great review Dominika, very astute! xoxo