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Book trailers: The new breed

There is a strange thing happening in living rooms and cinemas across the UK... Books are being made into 30 second melodramas to entice you into reading them, and they're going about it in weird and, in some cases, quite creepy ways.

I've only just started really noticing these odd book commercials, but I'm pretty sure they've been about a while. However, they recently seem to be multiplying and spawning new cheese-tastic cliches in the hope of (presumably) attracting their equally cheese obsessed target stereotypes.

Take this one for example:

Now, I work in marketing and even I'm confused about what that ad's trying to do.

My first thought - "Is this on after 9pm? Coz I kinda hope so..."
My second thought - "Hang on, am I watching Dawson's Creek reruns from the 90's?"
My third - "Err, if this is Dawson's creek, is post 9pm really the prime airtime spot?"
And lastly - "Dear god, it's for Starcrossed. And YET AGAIN the promotion does not support the real storyline!"

(See this post for my frustration at the lying antics of it's very own blurb for context.)

Lets not mention the amount of cheese lavished upon this monstrosity of so-called "advertising". Actually, I almost wish I had seen this before I had bought and read Starcrossed myself, because then I definitely wouldn't have bought it, thereby saving myself the mental scarring.

However, today I have had the rare experience of watching a book trailer that wasn't all too bad. It seems to have made the leap from "lets see who we can trick into reading this book" to "lets actually entice paranormal thriller fans with a bit of the book's USP". It's atmospheric, it's well acted, it isn't a cheesed-up chapter of the book. It's its own standalone addition to the brand, and I think that's why it works.

It advertises Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children:

Ahh, much better. If I hadn't read it already, I would actually give this book a chance to lure me in further with it's blurb, reviews etc. If you too would like to give it more chances to lure you, you can read my little review of it here: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

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