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Pear Shaped - Review

Time to review the second book I completed while on holiday: Pear Shaped by Stella Newman.

In another rare occurrance, (the previous one being that I read a popular book: at the time it was popular!) I took a genre-risk. Some madness inspired me to give chick-lit a go. Yeah...

Goodness knows I'm not a chick-lit fan. Actually, I don't even like the term "chick-lit" - how demeaning. All other forays into the genre have left me feeling a bit miserable. Maybe I'm just not a good female, but I tend never to relate to any of the characters.

Unfortunately the same must be said for Pear Shaped.

Sophie is a 30-something dessert creater who has fallen head over heels for a fat "lad" in a mid-life crisis. (My words. The author would have you believe his size "fits him" and his "large physique" makes Sophie feel "delicate". This, coupled with a "mischievousness" I can substitute with "immaturity", and a "charming" personality I can substitute with "lecherous". Pfft. Like I said, I simply cannot relate to these characters.)

They enter into a relationship where all the commitment comes from Sophie, and all the attraction seems to be due to a dark blue Maserati. The entire time, Sophie knows this man doesn't make her truely happy - but Lordy, she's just so goddamned attracted to him. *facepalm*

Things start to go wrong when Sophie gets dumped (for what she assumes is a younger model who happens to have "Wolford legs"), and she literally falls apart over it - despite the fact that being rid of this guy is the best thing to have happened to her. He makes her feel fat. He makes her feel inadequate. He never compliments her. He never says "I'm sorry". And worse. SHE THINKS THIS IS OK?!

The best parts of Pear Shaped are the scenes in the food company she works for. It's like The Office. Devron/"Divron" was hilariously close to a real person, and her colleagues were actually believable characters.

Would I recommend it? No. In fact, I may never make a return to the female fiction genre again.


This review may be the slightest bit tainted by the fact one phrase in the first few pages almost made me choke on my tea:

"I'm a size ten with tits and an ass"... hence followed by: "I'll never be thin - the Kleins are big boned"

Oh f*** off.

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