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Gifts for the bookish - him, her and the little monsters!

Struggling to find that perfect gift for a book lover? Last year, I earnestly tried to persuade the reluctant bibliophile into the technological ways of the e-reader, and I still fervently fight that battle! However, for those that listened - and those already comfortably e-reading - here are a few more ideas as Christmas makes it's marry way around to us again:

For her:

1. Owl Kindle skin - those with e-readers, I salute you!
2. Dracula pendant - literary jewellery for those of gothic persuasion
3. Spectacle frames- practical and fashionable <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
4. Paperblanks journals- my favourite of all the "branded" notebooks
5. Reindeer cushion- To snuggle up with a book by the log fire (or radiator...)
6. Avid reader clock- Never enough time in the day!

For him: 
 1, Bronze Dragon Kindle skin- Who doesn't like a dragon?!
2. Reading light - Super stylish and functional
3. The Eagle of the Ninth - beautifully illustrated with gorgeous cover
4. Book ends - Shabby chic and perfect for the office
5. Pillars of the Earth DVDs - A wonderful book becomes one of the best TV series I've seen
6. Penguin classics pencils and mug - bringing a little inspiration to your work!

For the little monsters:
1. Gruffalo toy - huggable monsters!
2. Personalised Christmas book - Kids will love being the star of their own adventure
3. Woodland happy tree - possibly one of the priciest things you may ever buy your kid, but LOOK how cute it is!
4. Harry Potter audio books - Audio books are great before bed
5. Revolting recipes - A classic. Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake help your kids get culinary, in wonderful style!
6.Muppets Christmas Carol - I loved this film as a kid, and still do now. Family festive fun :)

I hope you have found some inspiration - leave any more ideas you have in the comments below!

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