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Books I'm looking forward to in 2013

A Carlos Ruiz Zafon overload

The English translations of Marina, The Watcher in the Shadows and the final part of the Barcelona Quartet will be published in 2013 from the master storyteller Carlos Ruiz Zafon - my favourite author. I have been waiting for the Marina translation for YEARS, and in October my wait will be over. My excitement for the final installment of the Barcelona Quartet really cannot amount to words; The Prisoner of Heaven left so many open questions! These books are top of my list for 2013.

Can Stephen King deliver the goods for round two of The Shining?

The sequel to The Shining is released in September. Dr Sleep will surely have the hype, but I've not enjoyed a Stephen King book since The Dreamcatcher... and that was a long time ago now... Still, with a great story to pick up from, I'm holding up hope that this will be just as good!

Setterfield FINALLY releases another novel(la)!

The Thirteenth Tale is a brilliant book for lovers of gothic thrillers, and drew from the icons of the genre unashamedly in a way that celebrated them all. It amazes me, then, that Diane Setterfield has not yet written anything else - until now! All that has been said so far is that she will release "a ghost story novella" in Autumn 2013. I wait with baited breath.

Picoult gives my me and my mum some thoughtful reading

I love Jodi Picoult. And no, I don't care what you think about that ;) Her latest novel to be released in February is The Storyteller. An elderly German man confesses to war crimes and asks to die, Picoult's usual moral dilemma analysis ensues. Gimme gimme gimme!

And further into the future...

The Book of Dust. C'mon Pullman, get your write on! Though there is still no release date for this book (it's not even finished), I am itching to read it, and the latest rumours are that it will be in two parts: one set before His Dark Materials, one set after.


So, it's not a long list, but to me these are the books that matter. Surrounding the reading next year will be a plethora of Kindle impulse buys and the remainder of the to-read pile from 2012! I hope you will come back for the reviews when these books are read and rated :)

What books are you looking forward to in 2013?

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