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An Interview with a Valentine

Dear Readers, 

Romance is not, and never will be my genre of choice. Therefore I might be slightly hopeless at a Valentine's Day post. The popular alternative is an anti-Valentine's post, but who wants to lessen the beauty of love? Instead, I thought I would introduce you to my very own "Valentine", Sheff, and get him to share some bookish views from the male mind. Enjoy!

Mab x

Sheff in a cafe in Bath - He  came with me to the Jane Austen Museum. He's all right this one!

Hi! Welcome to Mab is Mab. Would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi, I'm Sheff.  I'm a User Experience Consultant also interested in psychology - particularly how it can be applied to improving wellbeing. I like flapjacks and tea, and I'm a bit of a martial arts nerd. I play more FIFA than my girlfriend thinks is healthy.

(Mab: FIFA is the enemy)

Nice to have you here! Do you have a favourite book?

I have quite a few favourites so cant really just say one, so I will pick ones on a couple of different topics:
Fiction - I really enjoyed the Mistborn Trilogy. The epic-ness and how they brought an element of science to fantasy
Fact - The Happiness Hypothesis. A mix of philosophy and psychology that introduces loads of really interesting concepts that can be applied to real life. I cant rave enough about this book. And a special mention has to go to Seagalogy: A Study of the Ass-kicking Films of Steven Seagal - If I was going write a book this would have been it!

If you could be anyone from a book you have read, who would you be and why?

Hmmm tough one I will have to come back to this. I cant really think of anyone.

(Mab: cop out!)

Have you ever read a romance novel? What do you think of it?

Ro-mance? What is this?!... Joking aside, no I don't think I have... Wait, I once read a book called Dream Traders (years and years ago), it had an element of Romance to it I think (and lots of Opium).

Sounds, intriguing... Finish this sentence: "I read because..."

I want to learn. (and sometimes because I want a bit of escapism)

Why did you name my Kindle "Bindle"?!

Bindle sounds like Kindle...! A Bindle is a bag on a stick.

Erm, ok. You've joked about writing you "memoirs" before - who would play you in a film version?

Anyone but Sean Bean!!!

If you were to recommend one book to my readers, what would it be and why?

I recommended it earlier - The Happiness Hypothesis . Go read it now!

And finally: What's it like to have a girlfriend who has her head stuck in a book half the time?

(Mab: Oh ha ha)

Thanks Sheff!

You can read more about Sheff's explorations in the fields of UX and Psychology at his website:
Also, give him a follow on Twitter. I can't promise he'll share as many tea photos and cynical observations as myself, but he sure does share a lot of helpful knowledge!

Enjoy Valentine's day everyone!

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  1. Hi Sheff!

    Just read the blurb for the Happiness Hypothesis, sounds interesting.