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#LoveAThon interview with Christina from Allodoxophobia

Meet fellow book blogger, Christina! We have interviewed each other for the Book Blogger #LoveAThon hosted by Alexa and Kathryn.

Christina blogs about books at Allodoxophobia: The Fear of Opinions. She lives outside Washington DC, works in education in the daytime and aspires to be an writer 24/7. Christina spends her free time chasing after her 2 year old daughter and dreaming about moving to somewhere more exotic and exciting.

Do you have a favourite book? What is it and why is it your favourite?

I have a lot of favorites.  I think my all time favorite though would have to be Are You There, God?  It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume.  I reread this at least once a year.  It is such an honest portrayal of what it feels like to be scared and unsure of yourself growing up.  The "seven minutes in heaven" scene gives me such flashbacks!

If you could be anyone from a book you have read, who would you be and why?

This is a toss up between MacKayla Lane from the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning and Emily Starr from the Emily Series by L.M. Montgomery.  Two completely different characters who have dealt with some pretty serious tragedies in their lives, but I love them both.  I love Mac because she kicks serious ass and completely evolves through her experiences (and she has Barrons which is a bonus!).  I love Emily because she reminds me of myself.  She's observant and sensitive and she's a writer through and through.  I also love that her trilogy has one of the most romantic endings ever.  I reread the last 50 pages or so of book 3 all the time and just swoon.

Do you have a favourite book-quote?

My favorite quite from a writer actually comes from poetry.  "I am not what you supposed, but far different." - Walt Whitman.  It reminds me that we're not always what we appear to be on the surface and one should be conscious of that when dealing with others.

Do you have a "guilty pleasure" read?

Lately, my guilty pleasures have been romance novels.  I never read them until about a year ago.  I'll take a good bodice ripper, but I've also enjoyed the new contemporary romances that seem to be coming out a lot, and even the New Adult novels everyone is buzzing about.  Basically if there's a hot guy in it, I'm willing to give it a shot.

Finish this sentence: "I read because..."

...I have to.  I've been a reader since I was very small.  My parents instilled this in me.  I read every night before I go to sleep - I literally can't fall asleep if I don't.  It's my "me-time" and my escape.

If you were to recommend one book to my readers, what would it be and why?

My favorite read from 2012 was The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay. It was heart-breakingly beautiful.

Favorite place to read?

My bed, covers pulled up to my neck, music playing, candles lit.

Non-reading hobbies/activities?

I love to write, that's been the big one recently.  I enjoy traveling, eating cupcakes, checking out celebrity chef restaurants and hanging out with my family.

Favorite food/drink while reading?

Tea, definitely.  Sometimes popcorn or other munchables.

Printed book or e-reader?
For convenience, I read ebooks on my phone.  I read at the gym a lot, while riding the stationary bike, so my phone makes that easier.  I do love the feel of turning real pages though and I always buy a hard copy of books I want to keep in my personal library.

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  1. Cupcake eating has got to be the best hobby ever.