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#ATaleofDiceandFire - day four

Eep! It's the penultimate roll! I wasn't 100 percent happy with yesterday's story so I hope todays collection of images can inspire something better!

Story will follow once it's written :)

Hourglass, pumpkin, gnome

Shards of ceramic scatter the stone floor. Next to my foot, a cheerful eye stares up at me, its partner facing downwards over by the parasol. A hand sticks up from between a gap in the paving and it is almost grotesque, like the stupid gnome is breaking free of a patio-ed grave. I would have taken his fishing pole and gauged his eyes first if I didn’t have to be so quick and thorough. The thought of him happily whole makes me shudder.

I don’t have long left. I glance down at my watch, I have perhaps 20 minutes to finish. I make sure my boots are tied tight and I stomp my way over the garden to the pumpkin patch – the ridiculous pumpkin patch. What a whimsical world my sister likes to live in. Pumpkins... Eurgh! I jump onto the plants breaking their hold on the earth. I land heavily into the corpses of unclaimed orange bulbs. I can smell their musty sweetness and I feel sick.

“Fairy circles?!” It keeps getting worse! I trounce the miniature mushroom monuments. Scanning the rest of the garden I pick out a bird table, a sundial and an oversized hourglass statue. I don’t even know if they’re related but I can’t leave anything to chance. They all crack, smash and splinter delightfully, with minimal effort on my part. Good, it will keep me swift. I manage to fit in a little more on a quick second sweep. I throw frogspawn from the pond and pull down a string of lanterns.

I hear a door open and close from inside the house. I buckle myself and brace for impact: Keys on the side, radio on, kettle boiling, my sister’s face at the kitchen window... Horror... Impact. She comes running through the back door with her mouth and eyes in equal, round zeros.


She is stiff, unmovable, unmoving. Kind of pretty. Unable to place herself in this new world I have created. My anarchy and destruction reverberates in the very air. Suddenly she falls to the ground and pulls free the gnome-hand from the patio. Tears are rolling down her cheeks.

Quieter now... “...why?!

“I think we’ve lived in peace for too long, sister.” I have rehearsed this. I stand proud in the middle of the lawn. The wrecking ball. “I’ve allowed too many of your... indulgences... to flourish. I mean, one or two new hives of pesky fairies I was happy to look past, but Fairy Godmothers?! This has got to stop! There was a Prince the other day, rescuing girls from all kinds of so-called imprisonment. They were just in an office, sister! Working the good old 9-5 which, must I remind you, was MY allowance in this agreement. I heard he was once a frog. That kind of agrees with me, but to be released as Prince Charming... No. No, no, NO!”

I stride forward, approaching my sister like a raging storm cloud.

“I’m leaving Kansas. I’m taking back control.”

Her blonde hair falls across her face as she nods. “I’m sorry Elph... Can’t we just -”

“Nope! This is exactly what I want. I am so excited to stop being so GOOD!”

I head into the house and pick up her shoes from the door mat.

“...There’s no place home!” I cackle and in three taps, I am gone.

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