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Re-cap and Round-up

Well, it has been something of a crazy week on the blog! #ATaleofDiceandFire has officially ended after a frenzied week of rolling and writing.

Writing a short story every day wasn't as hard as I thought in the end, but I did notice myself struggling to keep stories original each time. I'll admit to leaning onto the crutch of already-establish characters (Dracula, The Wizard of Oz) or folklore and fairytales (The Frog Prince) to afford myself the ease of not having to squeeze a back-story into 500(ish!) words. I feel the stories that didn't add to an already well-known premise struggled to make much sense. *I* knew what I meant, but I don't think the whole concept in them was portrayed clearly enough for new readers. Plot holes are probably very apparent!

So, I have learnt a lot! I am most impressed with the fact I have managed to write each of the five short stories without falling into my most common writing trap: swapping tenses! However, if you do spot a slip-up, please do let me know in the comments :)

Have you enjoyed the series? What was your favourite story of the week?

I think my personal favourite was Day 2 - GONE. I have a weakness for vampires! My partner in crime this week has been Kelly at DorristheLoris, and she has written some stunners - especially her last entry. Here is a list of all the stories from the week in case you missed them:

Day 1 

Breathe Easy – Mab is Mab 

Princess Ironheart – Dorristheloris


Day 2

Gone - Mab is Mab
The Wizard’s Apprentice - Dorristheloris

Day 3 

Science – Mab is Mab 

Oakmother – Dorristheloris


Day 4

Home - Mab is Mab
Jackanapes – Dorristheloris

Day 5
100 - Mab s Mab
The Last Moon – Dorristheloris

Would you like to see the writing challenge as a feature again? Perhaps a monthly meme? Would anyone else like to join in? I have to admit, I am kind of sad to see it come to an end! However, I'm taking this as prep for the big one: NANOWRIMO! dum dum duuum!

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