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While I've been away...

Hello! I have had a week off to cycle, recover and enjoy a visit back home to Cambridge, and now I have returned with photos to tell you all about it!

It's been a crazy past few days, and I can't believe some of the things I did were only a week ago. Not to mention my disbelief at the wonderful weather I was treated to. It's been a brilliant break. So here's what I did:

First up, I took part in the Bedfordshire Cycletta! I've been boring you all with blog updates of my training and now I can happily say that I completed the 57KM (The routes were made a bit shorter due to roadworks) in 3 hours and 20 mins - WOOHOO! It's not the greatest time on the board, but as my target was 4 hours I am elated. Big thank-yous to everyone who helped me raise the amazing total of sponsorship to be sent to Parkinson's UK. I feel all gooey inside thinking about how lovely my friends and family are for supporting me. Here's some red and sweaty photos, complete with helmet-hair, to celebrate the ride (all I can say is heat and hills are a killer!)

While recovering from all that exercise at my mum's, we went to see Despicable Me 2. Mostly because my family are big kids, and who doesn't love a minion?! My brother and I were inspired to make our own minion cake pops. We're no bakers so the effort was a pretty poor one when compared to the awesome examples on Pinterest(!), but a couple came out vaguely cute haha.


The rest of the week was spent eating a TONNE of food. I visited Cau (which has just opened in Cambridge and I believe also just opened in Bristol too?) and was super impressed with my steak sandwich - highly recommended. I also spent a lot of time in local Cambridge-y pubs and cafes. There's just something about them in Cambridge that you can't find anywhere else. Perhaps it's the students?!

Cau Steak Sarnie
I got to finally meet the lovely Claire from Claireabellmakes too. We should have taken a selfie! Alas we didn't, but she will be popping up on the blog soon as we have some book/craft mash-ups planned. Exciting!


Book-wise, I read Code Name Verity (review will be up later this week) and got half way through The Panopticon :)

So what have you all been up to? What have I missed?!


  1. Yay! Congrats on your amazing accomplishment! That's so great :)

    1. Thank you! It's crazy to think it's over now, but also a relief to be able to use anything BUT the bike at the gym for a bit haha!

  2. Well done you!!!

    Lovely to catch up with you and what rubbish bloggers we are for forgetting to take a pic ;-) too busy nattering!

    Claire x