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Oi Shakespeare! You're ruining The Future!

Today I read an article about the film Elysium which opened with the point that the phrase "That's what I'm talking about!" is a phrase that wouldn't be used 141 years in the future, and therefore invalidated the vision of the future the director was trying to portray. It then went on to make some more very loose points about why "the future" is not well represented in Hollywood films. (Apparently we can blame this on vests and tattoos.)

However, it is the point about language that hit me most hard, and made me slightly - as someone called it - "peeved". I spent a good two years studying the formation, etymology and trends of words and phrases. I found it fascinating and something I wholly enjoyed. Then came this article and instantly my alarm bells started ringing:

"Hang on!" I thought... "Don't we still use the phrase "All's well that ends well?" - I'm pretty sure that was new in the 1600's!"

A quick Google later, and my theories were confirmed. It's Shakespeare. 

"And what about "Fighting fire with fire"?"

Well, that too, is from Shakespeare.

According to the article, these phrases should have died out before the Bard passed away, quite early in life - so what are they doing rolling off of our tongues in 2013?!

Delve deeper and there is a whole host of sayings and phrases you probably never knew were invented in the time when most of the population didn't bathe more than once a year.

For example;

As luck would have it...
Come what may...
Sets my teeth on edge...
Truth will out...
Wear your heart on your sleeve...

So while we are fighting the fight for original film concepts in the cinema, and encouraging producers to step out of their comfort zones of prequels, sequels and franchises... let's not nit-pick at things that could, actually, be proven plausibly possible, eh? Thank you, I'm done!

(I will also be seeing Elysium this weekend, so may retract this article if it's rubbish! HAHA)


  1. Claireabellemakes23 August 2013 at 13:11

    OOh very interesting! I will be awaiting your review of Elsyium as I fancied seeing it too.

  2. Unfortunately the review will have to come after I get internet back - not looking forward to my blackout! haha