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The Lost Titles

Over the years, I have lent out countless copies of books I love. Perhaps rather foolishly, I never kept a central list of who has them, and when/where they went. This has resulted in many occurrences of "ohh, I know what I fancy reading... wait, where is it?" and then a lot mulling over whose hands it had passed into...

Since this started happening more often than I would like(!) I have started to list all of the books that are no longer on my shelf, with the intention of repurchasing them all. My friends and family have fallen in love with these titles so much, I've never seen them again! So, here is a homage to The Lost Titles, and I hope they are just as loved wherever they have ended up!

The Angel's Game

This one is a blessing and a curse. I am SO happy that someone loves Carlos Ruiz Zafon as much as I do,  but since reading The Prisoner of Heaven, I need to go back and read The Angel's Game to find all of the links! This is number 1 on my repurchase list.

Second Glance

I don't mind this book not being on my shelf any more.. but I do mind this exact copy not being there. It had an inscription from a friend who moved away, so I've lost a sentimental book.

The Bridges of Madison County

I feel a bit guilty at having lost track of this, as it wasn't really mine to lend in the first place! It belonged to my nanna, so a replacement for her is very high on the to-buy agenda.

The Hunger Games

I knew as soon as I gave this out that I wouldn't get it back. It was a while before any mention of a film, and it just had that air of a book that needed to be passed on. A few friend links down the chain and I have no idea where it's ended up!

The Hobbit

A bit annoying as it was part of a boxed design set... nevermind!

The Help

I think this is currently making its way through cousins, second cousins and aunts' aunt's third cousins!  Perhaps this is one that might actually find its way back one day ;)

That's all that's on my list so far, but I have a feeling that it's going to keep growing! What books of yours have found their way far from home?


  1. People know I have one rules when it comes to my books: you can look at them, but you can't borrow them. I just don't like my books somewhere else, so no missing books here :p


  2. Haha, tough love there! I kind of like sharing stories, but sometime, I miss them!