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Allegiant - review

“Can I be forgiven for all I've done to get here?
I want to be.
I can.
I believe it.”

Title: Allegiant
Author: Veronica Roth

Publisher: Harper Collins
Source: Purchased from Kindle Store
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In the final installment of the Divergent trilogy, Tris and Four discover the answers they have longed for since Edith Prior's announcement; that divergence is a signal that the Factions must move on to bigger things. As a power struggle in a factionless society ensues, Tris and Four discover what lies beyond the fence, what divergence truly means, and above all, what is worth fighting for.


If there is one thing I can say of Allegiant, it's that it wasn't the book I expected it to be. Littered with surprises (both good and bad, in my opinion) the reader is drawn through the narrative in directions they probably never anticipated.

One of the most obvious surprises is that the narrative is now split between Tris and Four's POV. Initially I was excited by this development - Four's great! Or, should I say, was great. I very soon came to realise that Four's voice was Tris' voice. But, y'know,  not.
There was no personality difference to Four's chapters. No idiosyncrasies. No... uniqueness. He even saw Tris in the same way she saw him. ZZZZZZZZZZZ. Which is lovely and all, but c'mon.
I was even more shocked to find any "Tris-ness" had been wiped out of her own chapters! Where are the hot cheeks? The grabbing the hem of her shirt? The sweating palms? These are small habits she had for two books previous, that don't make a single appearance in Allegiant. It was sad to see. I love these characters, but I feel I was a little bit deprived of them here, whereas the new format should have allowed for more access!

Another thing I wasn't expecting was the truth of what lay beyond the fence.
Genetic purity is not a topic approached with ease. By it's very nature there are social, political and moral implications, none of which I feel were covered with any real satisfaction in the almighty info dump that made the first quarter of Allegiant feel like dragging feet through mud. In previous books, Veronica Roth built up the world she created through characters, through cause and effect and through informed observations. Here, her characters are told a lot. And I mean a LOT. Like, try cramming the whole 1940's Germany situation in 20 pages, but err, set it in an alternate world and describe it to people who don't even know Germany exists. You can probably imagine... I felt the big "outer world" reveal was messy and far too technical. But hey, it is what it is. I can look past it...

Because there were some great things to come. One of the nicest surprises was the development of Peter. We see him desperate to find a way to reconcile his guilt with himself - a theme present in many of the characters in this book. Learning the world is a much bigger place than he thought has Peter believing his actions pale in significance to it's massiveness - that he is just a tiny, tiny dot is the great spectrum of the universe - but soon he faces the reality within himself that his world is the one he interacts with, not the one he simply stands on, and he makes an extreme, unforeseen and - dare I say it - brave(!) choice.

Similarly - and perhaps most controversially, if you have read many reviews yet already! - I found the ending of Allegiant shocking yet fitting. I will not spoil it, but shall say that I felt the characters involved in the events were almost destined to do what they did. I think that each of the characters got their own selfish ending, which, when they have been fighting for others for so long, separated them from their beginnings and made them... more. I really enjoyed the choices Veronica Roth made for the ending, and I cant wait to talk about it with others, who I know will have differing opinions!

I could honestly make this review go on forever, because I think Allegiant left readers with a lot of things to talk about! And for me, that's one sign of a good story. It raises debate, not everyone sees things the same way, and we can all get together and be a big, chattering community about it! However, I will end it here and find the rest of my enjoyment in Fandom :) Thanks, Veronica Roth, for providing us with a book to talk about for a long time to come!


For me, Allegiant was a very slow starter that wasn't helped by a newly introduced and indifferent split POV. However, once the action got going I was eager to race to the end, and enjoyed the controversial and unexpected ending.


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