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50 Facts Tag

Eeep! I've been tagged! Zoe tagged me in her 50 Facts post and now I have finally gotten round to pulling together a few facts (ok a lot, phew!) about me. If you're interested, enjoy, if not - I'll see you next post ;)

I'm tagging back Orisi at Orisi's Blah Blah, Christina at Allodoxophobia, Kelly at DorristheLoris, Ellie at Crafty Cowgirl and Claire at Claireabellmakes! (Sorry if you've been tagged before/couldn't give a monkeys!)

So, here you have it: 50 Facts of Mab

YAY - 50!
1. My colleagues created Mab - as a way of merging my surname with my first name to differentiate between too many Emmas in the office!
2. I chose to embrace it because Mab's also an awesome character in the King Arthur legend...
3. ... and mentioned as a freaky-assed Fairy Queen in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
4. I used to live in Cambridge.
5. I didn't go to Cambridge University...
6. ... although a subversive "Cambridge educated" may appear on one or two previous personal statements ;)
7. I didn't go to Uni.
8. I struggled with that for a long time.
9. Now I'm 100% OK with it.
10. I studied English Language and English Literature as separate A Levels. That was 8 hours of English a week. Tell me that's not winning?!
11. I got 90/90 on my Shakespeare paper (Yes, bragging, but if you did you should shout about it too)
12. I started blogging because I missed writing essays about my reading. Call me weird.
13. I had NO IDEA how to blog when I started blogging.
14. Three years later, I'm still learning.
15. When I'm not blogging, I'm a designer.
16. I also make jewellery from my illustrations.
17. I read a lot too (revelation of the century!)
18. My favourite kind of story is a ghost story.
19. My favourite book is a sequel.
20. The Subtle Knife, specifically.
21. I have lost count of how many times I have re-read the Harry Potter series.
22. The line "Have a biscuit, Harry" has me in fits of giggles. Every time. It's just so... random!
23. I got so nostalgic at the Harry Potter Studio Tour I almost wept.
24. Sometimes I can be an emotional moron.
25. I am happy to be at the half way point!
26. I used to read tonnes of vampire novels when none of my friends were into reading.
27. Then Twilight came along, and all my friends read them, and I didn't. (Honestly, couldn't. I tried!)
28. Fate is cruel.
29. I'm an unashamed Buffy geek.
30. I'm usually "the quiet one".
31. It's the "quiet ones" you have to look out for ;)
32. I like music.
33. I like my music loud.
34. And sometimes scream-y.
35. I'm currently ambling my way through my 3rd NANOWRIMO attempt.
36. It's the same book I've been trying to write for the past two years.
37. Sometimes I think I'll never finish it.
38. Actually, I did finish it once...
39. But it was written in teenage poetry.
40. I'm a little bit emo.
41. I love Berlin.
42. I'm not a fan of Paris.
43. I like to snack on pickles.
44. I can't stand goats cheese.
45. I want a cat
46. My boyfriend and I have already named it "Von Hohenheim"
47. Because we fangirl over Full Metal Alchemist.
48. It is my mission to persuade our landlord that little Vonnie won't be a mistake to allow!
49. I am now struggling for facts.
50!!! I'm so happy this is done and I can stop worrying about how boring I am!

That was HARD! So, over to you, dear tagged friends! (If you want to... ha!)

Orisi B
Christina at Allodoxophobia
Kelly at DorristheLoris
Ellie at Wellies, Crochet and Cows
Claire at Claireabellemakes


  1. "Have a biscuit, Harry" is one of my favourite lines to, so thank-you for reminding me of it :) I was going to read them again the other day, but I have decided that I can only re-read them once a year, otherwise I wouldn't read anything else, so only two more months!!!

  2. It's a brilliant line, hey?! I probably read them once a year too by the time I get through all seven, it's hard to drag myself away sometimes though! x

  3. Claireabellemakes6 November 2013 at 12:01

    I very much enjoyed reading your 50 things! As I have a similar list on my 'About' page, I hope you wont mind if I duck out of the tag on this occasion? I reckon my followers are fed up of hearing about me ;-)

  4. Of course not! But I think my readers need to know this gem from your About Page:

    "I once made coffee for Johnny Depp"

    Whaaaat?! haha

  5. Claireabellemakes6 November 2013 at 12:15

    I did! I worked in Starbucks Leicester Square (which doesn't exist anymore, sad times) and used to work for the premiere evenings. His assistant came in to get his coffee and I MADE IT. This is my claim to fame. My colleague then proceeded to draw hearts and 'we love you Johnny' on his cup.

  6. Unashamed buffy geeks *hi5*
    Aww you always make posts so pretty! (thanks though, made it so much easier to read)
    33, yes. 45, yes. 27, pfft you have not missed much!
    I'm also not going to Uni...but probably for completely different reasons to you, however I too feel a little odd about, but I'm very glad I'm not
    And you make jewellery?! Is it available online?

  7. Hey there fellow Buffy fan! *hi5's back*
    Not going to Uni is a scary thing - especially if everyone you know is going! But I think it's probably been a good thing for me. I don't regret it now, though I did while all my friends were partying and I was working late nights! haha
    I'm opening my jewellery shop online in the new year! I'll post about it on the blog so keep an eye out in Jan :D xx