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The Notebook Project

The Notebook Project

The Notebook Project The Notebook Project The Notebook Project

I know I'm not the only one with too many notebooks - own up if you're a notebook hoarder too! My trouble is that I buy ALL THE PRETTY THINGS and then get too scared to "ruin" them with my untidy scrawls and plans for failed ideas. Annoyingly though, the finished notepads, sketchbooks and diaries I'm most proud of from my past are exactly that - mind melts on a page!

So you can probably see that I reach a bit of a stand off between the pretty and the not-so-pretty. And I usually end up just standing still; collecting the notebooks but not taking that necessary step to actually using them.

That's just silly!

So, I'm starting up a little personal project: The Notebook Project. I'm assigning each empty tome a specific use. And by hook or by crook am I going to use them!!!

Here's just a few of my unused notebooks, sketchbooks and journals, which I have lying around my house at the moment:

the notebook project

And here are their assigned tasks!

The Recipe Collector
The Inspiration Book
The Review Notes
The Book Notes
The Webshop Design Log
The Blog Planner
The Mindless Sketcher
The (dwindling) Manuscript
The Journal
The List Machine

I'll be posting updates throughout the year to let you know how I get on! I'm aiming for the first one to be in April so you can see whether I got off to a good start or not - and how messy those first pages really are!

Are you a notebook hoarder? Why not join me in The Notebook project? I love seeing inside people's notebooks so if you willing to share, why not add your link below in the comments, so that we can offer each other note-making encouragement!

The notebook project