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Parents in YA (plus FREE Mother's Day printable bookplate)

In quite a few of my YA reviews, you are likely to find me mentioning the parental unit of the novel - praising it or bemoaning the lack of one! I love seeing parents as fully formed characters in YA that has teen protagonists because, like it or not, as teenagers our parents are such HUGE presences in our lives!

As it's Mothers Day this month (Sunday 30th, in case you need the reminder!) I thought I would dedicate a post to my favourite parental figures in YA - mums and dads!

Sirius Black - Harry Potter

First one in and I'm already breaking my own rules! Not actually a "dad", but definitely a father figure, Sirius Black gave Harry so much, not to mention real happy memories of his true father, which Harry will have grown up without. A short lived character, but one whose time as a parental figure sends many ripples throughout the story to come.

Natalie Prior - Divergent

Just edging it over Lily Potter for the sacrifice of love award! Natalie was wonderful. She was level headed and proud of her children, even when they made decisions she wouldn't have expected. She showed her love for her kids in many ways, in abnegation sacrifice and in the ultimate way, too. I don;t like that so many parents give their lives for their children in YA, but I do like that Natalie's sacrifice was not a throw-away plot device. It really held gravity in the plot.

Hans Hubermann - The Book Thief

Ah Hans: Teller or bed time stories, and deliverer of the power of words to Liesel. His gentle nature and quietness was stark contrast to Liesel's foster mother, Rosa. Hans made Liesel feel safe and loved in a very un-safe and hostile environment.

Annabel - Geek Girl

Forget being a parent in YA, being a step parent in YA is a whole new kettle of fish. Annabel is a wonderful example of a step parent tryign her best to be a mother figure, without replacing the main character's real mum. She is smart, caring and always has Harriet's best interests in mind.

Mr and Mrs Pullman - Wonder

Yes, they had their flaws, especially where Via was concerned, and maybe they were a little too perfect - but you could tell these parents loved their children and wanted the best for them. I have to say it was refreshingly nice to see a parental unit in a book that was so caring, happy and involved in their children's lives, and for the children to want them to be there!

Mrs Lancaster - The Fault In Our Stars

I really felt for Hazel's mum - she tried so hard to give HAzel all the encouragement and opportunitites she could, despite her daughters illness. When she picks up Hazel from her support group and hangs back a while when she sees her talking to Gus - that's totally what my mum would do too! 

Who are your favourite parent characters in YA?! 

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