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How to choose your next book: Origami stars DIY

Never know how to choose your next book from your pile? Let me help! I have a series of fun ways to help you decide, from crafts to games!

First up is:  
The origami star jar!
This just looks so adorable sat on your bookshelf, it's one of my favourite ways to randomly select a title. Here's how to make one of your own!

You will need:

Sheets of A4 paper (patterened or coloured sheets work well!)
A small jar
Washi Tape to decorate

How to make the stars!

1. Select the piece of paper you would like to use.

2. Cut a strip along the length, about 1.5cm thick.

3. Write the title of a book from your list on the "inside" (The non-patterned side if using patterned paper.)

4. Loop the strip, pattern-side up if using patterned paper...

5. Then proceed to tie a flat "knot", with about a 1cm overhang,

6. Fold and tuck the overhang inside the pocket you have just created.

7. Now, to wrap up your pentagon! Loop the long excess over the pocket to the opposite side of the shape. Then flip and repeat. you should end up working round each uncovered edge. Keep these loops quite loose. If it's too tight your star won't pop later!

8. Keep going until you can't loop any more, or until you have about 1.5cm left.

9. Tuck the excess into the topmost pocket. You have a pentagon! Now to make it a star...

10. Pinch gently at the corner to puff out the centre and create points.

11. Ta-da! You have your first star! Now... to make many, many more!

When you have a collection of stars, you will need to keep them together. I love using a small jar, as I think it looks really cute on the bookshelf :) I've decorated mine with some washi tape, but you could use anything!

And there you have it. Just pull out a star and unwrap to discover your next read!


  1. Paper Obsessed3 April 2014 at 13:52

    What a great idea lol! Will definitely have to try this :)

  2. Leah @ The Pretty Good Gatsby4 April 2014 at 13:42

    I'v seen a few book jars before, but never with origami stars! SO. CUTE!!

  3. Thanks Leah! So easy to make too :) x

  4. You should! Would love to see pics if you do :)

  5. Claireabellemakes7 April 2014 at 13:44

    Such a fun idea!

  6. Thanks Claire! :) I'm a little bit addicted to folding stars now though, they're everywhere! - might need to find more projects to use them in!

  7. Claireabellemakes7 April 2014 at 15:01

    You could make a cute mini garland with them?

  8. This is way too tempting! Thank goodness I have the day off! My TBR needs a little sprucing up! Thanks for the gorgeous idea.

  9. Hope you enjoy making them! I can't stop haha