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The internet is cat-crazy, so when I recently asked on Twitter what people would like to see me talk about on the blog, I shouldn't have been surprised by Mily from The YA Nightstand's suggestion: The Cat-pocalypse!

Tweets traded, emails ensued... and suddenly, Cat-pocalypse was real! We may have lost a few marbles, but coming up with this post really was fun! We narrowed it down to an interview-style post. Mily's answers are below.


Here are Mily's answers!

How did the cat-pocalypse come about?

Crookshanks was fed up of everyone taking the rats side. He told them Scabbers was evil, but would they listen? Would they fudge! So, one day he simply snapped and called together the PODA – Pets Of Dumbledore's Army. The next thing we knew, cats had taken over the plant and enslaved the human race.

Who would be the cat mastermind of the cat-pocalypse?

Were you not listening? Crookshanks - Hermione’s fluffy ginger sidekick from the Harry Potter books.

Name a dystopia book that may give you some hints on surviving?

The Matched Trilogy - It doesn’t exactly have anything to do with cats but I think that – especially in the second book – there are some handy tips on what NOT to do when escaping a fascist society. Just in case you fancied making a run for it.

Who would be the leader of Human Revolution?

This may be a little controversial but Jezza (Jeremy Clarkson) has taken control of the Human Revolution. He’s also been running the Cat Masters down in his 4x4… Cat Sympathiser’s are not best pleased!


Are you a part of the Revolution or a Cat sympathiser?

Cat Sympathiser! How bad could it really be? I mean, my cats practically boss me around as it is so would it really be that different? Also, the Revolution seems like a lot of work.
The five best ways to bribe our new Cat Masters?

Tuna. Belly rubs. Cat treats. A doggie sacrifice & a monocle, because who doesn’t love a monocle?

Who would you turn to for help during the cat-pocalypse?

Doctor Dolittle seemed like the logical choice. BUT, I think I’m going to give The Doctor a call! Seriously, he’s my go-to guy when the Zombies come so I think he’ll be top of my list when the cats take over to. He can just take me away in his TARDIS! We could go back in time or into the future where the cats have finally been defeated. He’s kind of got it all.

Although, can I have the Matt Smith reincarnation please? No reason I can’t have something pretty to look at.

CAT FIGHT!! Crookshanks (Harry Potter) vs Buttercup (The Hunger Games) - who wins?

Being as in my world Crookshanks has taken over by his evil catty ways I should say him… but Buttercup is one tough cookie! Always seems to make it though, and in all honesty, I’m not 100% sure Crookshanks even made it to the end of book 7. So begrudgingly… the winner is… Buttercup.

The Cat Masters induct an "honorary cat" into their collective - who would it be?

Author, Lauren DeStefano. Have you seen her Instagram photographs? I mean I think she might be part cat anyway, how else can you explain this…

I can’t even get my cats in the same room without a fight breaking out!

Which book would you read to escape the cat-pocalypse madness around you?

I know I use this one for everything but… Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher! It’s the purr-fect escape book!

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