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Top 10: Best bloggy apps

I use a lot of things on a day to day basis to help me blog. Today I'm sharing a list of my most-used web and mobile apps that help me make Mab is Mab what it is!

 1. Instagram

If you've looked at my Weekly Reflection posts, you'll know I love using Instagram to share photos! I've tried loads of camera apps on my phone, and I settled on Instagram as the community is the best over there!

2. Snapseed

I use this as a quick editor on my phone for photos. Although I have a DSLR, I default to my phone camera more often than not when I'm out and about. Snapseed makes them look great!

3. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a web app for free photo editing and collaging. It makes the whole thing so quick and easy, I can't fault it. A lot of editing options are premium, but it doesn't mean they skimp on the freebies!

4. Adobe Illustrator

I recently moved from CS6 to Creative Cloud and I love it! I use illustrator for all the designs I make for myself and others. I still haven't scratched the surface of what it can do, and I've been using it for 7 years!

5. Evernote

I read all the time. Everywhere. And I review a book a week. Evernote means I can keep reading notes wherever I am, and can access them synced between my phone, my computer, and anywhere else I can log in!

6. TeuxDeux

I am lucky enough to get a lot of ARCs for review. TeuxDeux keeps me on task and on time with them! It's a really simple to-do list app, accessible on mobile and online, that loves lists almost as much as I do ;)

7. Goodreads

Ok, I have to admit I HATE this app. It's clunky and almost unusable. However, it is GREAT for a quick progress update on the reading targets when I'm out and about!

8.  Dropbox

Syncing up my photos and files between mobile and PC like a dream! Dropbox also gives my design clients access to their files - much better than large file-size emails!

9. Grooveshark

I can't write reviews without music. I just can't!

10. Twitter

Because, well... who doesn't?! I love Twitter :) Come and join me!

What are you favourite apps for blogging?

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