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Trouble by Non Pratt - review

'I want people to think Hannah before they think pregnant.

Title: Trouble
Author: Non Pratt

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
Source: Purchased via Kindle Store
Available: Now
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Hannah is fifteen and pregnant. Aaron is starting a new school and finding himself unexpectedly popular in an unfamiliar crowd. When the two of them meet, it seems like the perfect fit; Hannah gets a friend as her past catches up with her, and Aaron gets to do something to help right the wrongs of his own. But how long can it last? After all, there is a baby on the way!


Once I had started Trouble, I just. could. not. stop. Trouble is the kind of book that places its characters right inside your head and will not let them leave! The voices for the teenage narrators were perfect, and utterly believable. I loved Hannah, for all her "flaws", and found Aaron to be mysterious in just the right amounts.

The storyline is poignant, and often quite moving. However, the gritty depth behind this novel is portrayed in a way that feels natural and, at times, very funny! Non Pratt has really brought to life situations in such a way as to portray their reality, but also make them entertaining. I really, really enjoyed it.

However, (and yes there is usually always a but!), I couldn't give Trouble a full five stars because the ending left me with a huge "WTF" bubble hanging over my head! It was so abrupt!!! I thought for a few seconds that I had bought an incomplete book... Having given it a few days, I totally understand why it ended the way it did, and in a way I have even come round to thinking it quite effective. But ultimately, I just can't get over that initial shock I felt...


Trouble is an absolutely brilliant teen read, funny and charming, full of wonderful characters and presenting teen pregnancy in a really non-preachy way. I would recommend this book to any fan of teen fiction!


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  1. It's very good - but yes, I was left wanting more! I do think it's a better way to leave a book than feeling dragged out and disappointed though! haha x