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Guest post: A WEASLEY FAMILY HOLIDAY by Mily of The YA Nightstand

I'm currently on holiday, but I have some lovely guest posts in my absence! First up is the wonderful Mily from The YA Nightstand, who is all kinds of amazing with this post! I asked her
"Which character wold you most like to go on holiday with?"...


So I’m packing my bags and heading off on my holiday’s with some of my favorite fictional characters. Well, not literally… I’m not that insane, but for all intense and purposes that’s what happening. And without a shadow of a doubt the characters I’d go on holiday with would be the Weasley’s. It would be a manic, unorganized, ginger adventure and I wouldn’t want to spend my summer with anyone else!

Okay so there would probably be a couple of hiccups, for instance Molly would get all flustered when Mr. W insisted that we take Muggle transport. After all why would she want to spend twelve hours sat in between Fred and George when they could all just apperate themselves across the globe? And I’m sure that once we got wherever it is we were heading there will be a couple of arguments – mainly over who gets what room – but after we’ve settled in I think it would be awesome! On the condition that we didn’t need to send any post… Errol’s not too great with directions.

But they’re only tiny winy little things that ALL families go through. Once we get settled we’ll go sight seeing. Arthur will have his Muggle camera at the ready and Harry on stand by for when he can’t figure out how to use it… yes Harry’s there! Although I wouldn’t see him much because him and Ginny would be getting busy behind the pyramids!

The twins would be causing international chaos with their inappropriate and elaborate practical jokes. The Muggles in Argentina didn’t appreciate the sudden snowstorm they created in July! But I really wanted to build a snowman.

Then there’s Percy who will look like he’s been sucking on lemons but to be honest, when doesn’t he?

Bill and Charlie even spot by for a couple of days when we pass through Italy! We will be one big, dysfunctional happy family!! Well we would have been if Ron hadn’t left after Peru to go on holiday in the Lake District with Hermione and her folks.

But that doesn’t matter because do you want to hear the best part? When we stay in Paris – because we’re travelling the WHOLE globe if you hadn’t already noticed – George and I will get a little closer and he’ll realize I’m the love of his life and we need to have cute little freckled ginger babies together!

As you can imagine, a holiday with this lot would be insane and I’m just scraping the surface of what would happen as we take on the world. I couldn’t possibly go into every adventure we would have because there just isn’t time! What I do have though is some holiday snaps. Enjoy!!

Thank you SO much to Mily - such a fun post! Check back in a couple of days time when Kelly from Paper Obsessed will be discussing "books in books"!

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  1. Emily Bradley-Dorman22 June 2014 at 11:46

    Thanks for having me on, this was fun! Although I do worry about me sometimes... ;)

    The YA's Nightstand