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The One with Nerissa

Hello! Today I'd like to welcome Nerissa to Mab is Mab! Nerissa blogs at Rireading Book Reviews and you can find her on Twitter @RiReading

Here are Nerissa's picks for "The One"!

The One you always recommend:

Harry Potter. Surprisingly, there are people who have not read it. If there are people who want to start reading YA, or just start reading great books. I will always ask if they have read the Harry Potter series. If they haven't, this is one of the books that I will always recommend.

The One that was a gift:

The Rainbow Magic Books 1 - 7. I first received those books when I was 7 from my mum. Even though I don't read them anymore, they still mean a lot to me because they are the first books that I can remember my mum gifting to me!

The One that got away:

The Infernal Devices. I love the Mortal Instruments series but I just never got to reading TID. I am hoping to remedy this as soon as possible but it seems that I will have to wait until the end of the year for the chance to read it!

The One that makes you cry:

Sing me to Sleep by Angela Morrison.

Not many people really know of this beautifully tragic story but it's one that always makes me cry no matter how many times I read it. It's a really sad but satisfying book that will not fail to bring tears to your eyes.

The One that still haunts you:

I haven't read many Horror books or books that haunt me yet so I guess NIL.

The One you always go back to:

The Mortal Instruments. The TMI series will always be my top favorite series of all time. I love it so much! From the characters, to the plot, to the writing. I just can't stop loving it!

Thanks Nerissa! I just bought the first book in the Mortal Instruments series and am feeling like I really need to get round to reading it quickly now! 

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