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This Book Is Gay by James Dawson - review

This book is Gay is a collection of facts, my ideas and my stories but also the testimonies of more than three hundred amazing LGBT people who shared their stories in July 2013. I conducted an international survey from which many of the quotes are taken, and also carried out more in-depth interviews with some selected participants."  - James Dawson 

Title: This Book Is Gay
Author: James Dawson

Publisher: Hot Key Books
Source: ARC from publisher
Available: Now
Buy it: Here


Former PSHCE teacher and YA author James Dawson tackles the much neglected subject of LBGT* lifestyles, in this non fiction book for teens. Featuring real quotes from LBGT* contributors, This Book Is Gay is a no-subject-left-unexplored education.


This is a book that has been too long coming (and yes, I'm sure James Dawson would congratulate me on that first sentence ;)) There is a spectrum of human states out there, and it's crazy that society expresses, largely, only one! If this book had been around when I was at school, I think it would have made some of my closest friends' lives so much better - if only so they could feel that what they were experiencing wasn't "wrong", or "just them".

Funny, on point, honest, sensitive and informed, This Book Is Gay makes non-fiction fun. Not only that, but I guarantee everyone can learn something from it, whether you are LGBT* or not. James Dawson's enthusiasm for his subject shines through on every page, making is almost irresistible to finish the book in one sitting. Which is exactly what I did!

And then, there are the illustrations. Without them, This Book Is Gay would have been a whole other book. I don't even think one should exist without the other! The drawings often brought a smile to my face, and complimented the writing perfectly.

Thank you, James Dawson, for writing this book.


Brilliant. Every library, school and bookshop needs a copy of this on their shelves. The warmth of delivery and inclusive theme is nothing but positivity. And we all could do with more of that.



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