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Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson - review

I wasn't sick. I was strong."  

Title: Wintergirls
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

Publisher: Scholastic
Source: Purchased from Kindle Store
Available: Now
Buy it: Here


Lia receives 33 missed calls on the night her best friend Cassie dies alone in a motel room. The quest to find out why, and what happened, brings Lia up against past struggles and anxieties, an uncomfortable relationship with food, and an even bigger uncomfortableness in her sense of self and belonging.


I might just save myself a long review and bow down before the throne of Laurie Halse Anderson right now. If you are after a dark, emotionally fraught and - at times - terrifying picture of a young girls capacity for self destruction, you may find no better. To say I loved this book would be misleading, it is not a happy ride. However, it is by far a 5-star read, and one that is an important read for many young people (and adults alike!)

Wintergirls is a novel that talks about eating disorders in a very unflinching fashion. It is a deeply unsettling journey through Lia's unwell state of mind. Laurie Halse Anderson doesn't hide the details of the illness from the reader and never apologises for it. There are scenes that are disturbing, upsetting and heartbreaking. Wintergirls is no glorification of the size 0, and it has very honest representations of the lengths those with eating disorders will go to in their search for perfection, and their need to be strong, exploring not only the physical effects, but the psychological triggers, too.

Deep subject matter paired with engaging and original writing makes Wintergirls a book that I hope, if read, would encourage those needing it to seek help, not further suffering.


Wintergirls is a book I have been trying to track down to read for a long while. It's not on any shelves in my local bookshops. Eventually I gave in to the digital copy and after reading it, I feel like I want to launch a personal campaign to get it back on real, actual shelves. This book needs to be available.


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