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The 100 society by Carla Spradbery - review

"Believed to have originated at the prestigious Clifton Manor School, The 100 Society was founded more than twenty years ago by the notorious graffiti artist known only as 'A'. While the anonymous artist's work now sells for millions, he has created a legacy of copycats, each hoping to 'tag' the same hundred locations."

Title: The 100 Society
Author: Carla Spradbery

Publisher: Hachette
Source: ARC from Netgalley
Available: Now
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Grace and a group of friends from her art class are on a mission - they want to join the prestigious 100 Society, and join the ranks of people who have tagged 100 locations around their city with a letter. Achieving it is almost an unspoken free pass into art college, but as they get closer to 100, things start to get very dangerous... Some one is watching them.


I really enjoyed The 100 Society. It's a quick, fast paced thriller with some shocking moments and a greatly climatic end. The similarities drawn to "I Know What You Did Last Summer meets Point Horror" are very accurate!

I loved the unusual themes of the story - graffiti and boarding schools. They're not two things you would necessarily naturally group together, but I felt they blended really well, thanks to some rebellious characters in the friendship group at the centre of the story. Without Trick anchoring everything that was going on, I don't think the match would have been so well made!

That said, I do think the characters themselves lacked a bit of depth. There were things hinted at that weren't really explored (Grace's relationship with her dad and brother, how Trick got his scholarship...) and I think going further into the characters pasts would have helped make the events of novel even more affecting - especially where Faith and Chelsea were concerned.

I think The 100 Society would be a great book to read on a journey - you could easily finish it in one sitting, and it keeps you entertained the whole way through!


The 100 Society was a quick and exciting read with very dark parts. I really enjoyed the fast pace and am always a fan of British boarding school novels! I did feel, though, that The 100 Society lacked a bit of depth that could have made it a complete winner.



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  1. I hadn't heard of this one before, but it sounds really interesting. I
    can't even imagine boarding schools and grafitti going together, so I'm
    looking forward to seeing how they pull that off!

    The cover is a little creepy though...