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Stationery Lovers Christmas Swap - SIGN UP

I am very excited to announce something to all of you lovely stationery fans (and I know there are quite a few of you!) - I am hosting a Stationery Lovers Christmas Swap with Claireabellemakes!

This is your chance to send and receive a lovely, stationery themed package, just in time for Christmas. What could be better?! Especially if your location means your variety is pretty limited.

If you are a regular Mab is Mab reader, you will know my love for stationery comes second only to my love of reading, and I regularly feature some of my favourite brands. So I am so excited to help (and encourage!) you to share that stationery love with others who love it just as much.

Need somewhere to keep your reading notes?  
Want some new pretties to make you classmates jealous? 
Love sending handwritten messages?
Kawaii fan?  
Writing a book?!  
Just gosh-darn-it LOVE stationery?!

If you would like to take part, here are all the details you need: 

Sign up by emailing including your name, full postal address (including country), email and stationery likes and dislikes. Also include whether you are absolutely happy to post internationally. We would love to know if anyone is willing to be on the reserve list for international posting in case we have to switch some partners around! The deadline for sign ups is 21 November.
You will be emailed details of your swap partner by 24 November.
24 November - 6 December is the period for you to get shopping and find some stationery treats for your partner! Be creative and enjoy! Although it's a Christmassy swap, all stationery items are just great! The suggested spending limit is £10 before postage costs.
Post your package by 6 December and be sure to add the hashtag #StationeryLoversXmas to your parcel. We recommend getting a proof of postage too.
Once your receive your package, shout about on social media using the hashtag and feel free to blog about the swap to share the stationery love!
Please let us know if you are unable to take part for any reason, so we can ensure every person receives some happy mail regardless!
Any queries can be directed to myself (Emma) or Claire via

I hope I will get to see some of you taking part - this is the first swap Claire and I have organised and we are really excited to see it taking shape and to help people receive some happy mail. So, sign up and get swapping!!


  1. Sounds really great! I will sign up now.

  2. Brilliant! It will be great to have you join us :) x

  3. Just joined! I can't wait to see how this goes.
    Also, shameless plug, but I have a Christmas card swap going this year if you're interested! :)
    Yay for snail mail! :D

  4. B.Brittain-Marshall23 November 2014 at 05:30

    Yikes, I wish I heard of this sooner. I am a stationery freak (think overflowing desk) and a snail mail advocate. Love what you are doing here! Perhaps there is opportunity for next time. Happy Mail indeed!