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The One with Tasha

Hello! Today I'd like to welcome Tasha to Mab is Mab! Tasha blogs at and you can find her on Twitter @thatmadhatter_ and Goodreads

Here are Tasha's picks for "The One"!

The One you always recommend:

Recently it's Bleak Expectations by Mark Evans. It was a completely different choice for me than what I usually pick up but I thought the humour was great! It's a pastiche of Dickens and while I haven't read the entirety of Great Expectations, there were elements that I could see from Dickens' work that Evans parodied.

The One that was a gift:

The Gift (aptly titled) by Cecelia Ahern was a gift from my Mum that I still adore to this day. Every Christmas my Mum would buy me books, but this was the only Christmas themed one I received, so I think that's why I love it as much as I do. It's definitely an annual read around the month of December.

The One that got away:

Very rare do I leave a book, even when I really don't get on with it, but I really struggled with If You're Reading This I'm Already Dead by Andrew Nicoll. I don't think I connected very well with the protagonist which was a shame as the characters were incredibly vivid.

The One that makes you cry:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. Definitely one hell of a tear jerker and one that made me cry tears of sadness and joy pretty much everywhere I read it.

The One that still haunts you:

I will always remember the book hangover that I experienced for Looking For Alaska by John Green. It lasted a couple of days, and I definitely couldn't start another book until I got over it!

The One you always go back to: 

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler. It is my favourite book of all time, and it holds an extremely special place in my heart. I have Daniel Handler to thank for making Why We Broke Up my Bible!

Thanks Tasha! I love that your gifted book was "The Gift" - how apt indeed! Your high praise for Why We Broke Up makes me want to go right out and buy it!

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