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Project Life Series: Inspiration and community

TIME TO BE INSPIRED! If you have never heard of Project Life, I will forgive you. It's really just blossoming at the moment as the product and style has finally made its way over from the US to the rest of the world! I found out about Project Life last year via Instagram while trying to hunt down cute stationery. If you search the #ProjectLife tag you will find hundreds of people sharing their memories and creative passion for scrap booking. Look a little further, and you will find brands are now creating products specifically for pocket scrap-booking, with many of them offering subscription services to provide you with monthly themes for your pages.

A selection of my Digital Project Life pages which I use for Weekly Reflections!

I'll look a little further into the supplies available for pocket scrap-booking later in the series but for the purpose of this post I think the following is important:

The set-up price for Project Life isn't cheap. In the UK you'll be laying out about £60 for an album, a set of page protectors and a starter pack of journalling cards from the range - that's without any kind of embellishment, which I find is the best way to start. So, I think it's more than fair to want a bit of insight into what you can do before you take the plunge!

As the first post in this series, I wanted to share with you the people and sites that persuaded me to give Project Life a go - and they are also the people whose style of scrapping I still aspire to achieve myself! (I have a feeling I may need a few more cupboards full of craft materials to get there though!)

Below is a small list of my favourite Project Life bloggers and Instagrammers - I really recommend taking a peek at what they do! I've also listed a couple of great Project Life communities and Pinterest Boards to browse.





Studio Calico
Gossamer Blue


Jessy Christopher
 The Geeky Burrow

Are you feeling inspired?! Next time I'll be taking a look at Project Life Supplies.