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April Reading List

While my review template is going through a bit of a update, I thought I would share my current reading list!

I've been taking a break from the dark depths of horror and ghost stories, and breaking outside of my comfort zone with a bit of romance, a bit of non-fiction and a little bit of sci-fi!

I've also held myself back from requesting any ARCs (advance reader copies, for the un-bookish crowd!) as I know I haven't sorted out my review format and it would be a bit unfair. So my list this month is "older" titles. I have to admit I feel a bit out of the loop 3 months into an ARC ban. I hope I can stride back soon!

So, here's what I've got planned for April. What will you be reading?!

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari 

I LOVED the Masters of None series on Netflix, so when I saw Aziz had a book on much the same topics (realities of finding love in the modern world) I knew I wanted to read it. I found this book crazily cheap in a discount bin (what?!) so I rescued it and am currently a third of the way through. So far, it's exactly what I expected and really interesting!

Golden Son by Pierce Brown

I read the first book in this YA Sci-fi series, Red Rising, a while ago. While I enjoyed it, I didn't feel it quite lived up to the hype it was getting. I put off reading part two until the hype machine plateaued, and now it has, I'll be digging in this month. I'm not sure what to expect - Red Rising finished at a massive turning point - but I hope that whatever else happens, the characters that were built up so well in the first part continue to shine.

No-one Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday by Tracy Bloom

I've actually nearly finished this one. I don't often (rarely ever) read romance, but every now and then I crave snarky, ballsy characters, quick witted dialogue and hapless relationship fails. So I turn to the only place I know: the woefully named "chick-lit" genre. It's hit and miss. There are more misses than hits for me. But I keep trying. This book has been OK, but really, just OK.

Bobby Singer's Guide To Hunting by David Reed

So, I'm a MASSIVE Supernatural fan. My boyfriend bought me this book for Christmas, and you know what? It's actually really entertaining! David Reed gets Bobby's character spot on. I'm only 3 chapters in, but I grab it every time I have a spare 10 mins to fill. Easy, bite-sized reading :)

Let me know what's on your lists!

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